Zend Expressive Essentials

Learn the Fundamentals and Start Creating Great Apps

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"Zend Expressive Essentials" is a book and video course that teaches the fundamentals that let you begin building applications — right away.

It's a practical, hands-on approach, which shows you just enough of how Expressive is put together and how to use it, while not getting lost in things that aren't necessary.

What You'll Learn

What Is A Micro-Framework

First, you'll find out what a micro-framework is so that you're in the right mindset.

What Is Zend Expressive

Then, you'll get a rapid overview of Zend Expressive, specifically it's core concept: the forthcoming PSR-15 (or Middleware).

Zend Expressive's Core Components

After that, you'll learn about the four core components of Routing, Dependency Injection, Templating, and Error Handling. Some micro-frameworks don't offer as much. But here, you'll learn why Expressive strikes the right balance between too much and too little.

How To Create An Application Manually

With that foundation in place, you're going to build an Expressive application — by hand! Why would you do this? So that you know exactly what's going on under the hood. While doing so, you'll also learn the most powerful aspect of Expressive applications - middleware.

How To Create An Application Using The Skeleton Installer

Now that you've built an Expressive application manually, I'll show you how to save time and effort by using the Skeleton Installer and its tooling support. You'll learn how to save time and effort by picking the options that are right for you, and having a core application generated for you, from tried and tested templates. You'll then learn how it's composed, and how it improves upon the one you created by hand.

How to Increase the power of an Application

With knowledge of how to build an application manually and with the skeleton installer, you'll next learn about how to extend its power by adding support for databases. Zend Expressive starts off lean, but can be augmented rapidly, as your needs demand. So here, you'll learn how to add more power when the time comes.

How to Build Powerful Middleware Pipelines

Finally, with all this knowledge at your disposal, I'll finish up by teaching you how to compose powerful middleware pipelines, ones that suit exactly the situations that you need, dare I say perfectly! You'll learn to create powerful, flexible, reusable, and maintainable pipelines that scale with you.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Zend Expressive

  • What is a Micro Framework?
  • What is Zend Expressive?
  • Zend Expressive's Core Concept (PSR-15 / Middleware)
  • Zend Expressive's Core Components
    • Routing
    • Dependency Injection
    • Templating
    • Error Handling

Create an Application by Hand

  • Create an application from scratch
  • Refactor it to make it more reusable and maintainable
  • Refactor it to add Dependency Injection support
  • Refactor it to containerize the entire application

Create an Application Using the Skeleton Installer

  • Create the application using the Skeleton Installer
  • Understanding the directory structure
  • Use Zend Expressive Tooling to aid in migrating the original application
  • Port the original existing application code

Increase an Application's Power

  • How to integrate external libraries
  • How to add database support

Create Powerful Middleware Pipelines

  • Creating Middleware Pipelines on Individual Routes
  • Creating Middleware Pipelines Using Factories
  • Create Reusable Middleware Pipelines Using Traits
  • Create Reusable Middleware Pipelines Using Delegator Factories

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