Contributing to Shanty-Mongo

That’s right, after enjoying using Coen’s Shanty-Mongo PHP library for MongoDB for a while now, we’re pleased to announce that we’re contributing to its development.

What are we going to be doing? 2 things:
* Adding GridFS support
* Enhancing support for inline attachments

Whilst it’s a great development library, I was keen to get in and add this when given the opportunity by Coen recently.

Not tried Shanty Mongo? It’s an extension for the Zend Framework which makes working with Mongodb very easy. Go grab a copy from with:

git clone

Unfamiliar with MongoDB? Mongodb is of the two best-of-breed NoSQL databases alongside CouchDb. You can find out more at: We’re sure you’ll be impressed at how easy it is to use. If you have any questions Coen’s very approach-able.

Till next time,


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