How to Build Extendable and Extensible Zend Framework Applications with Custom Resource Plugins

Managing Sessions in ZF2

In today’s post, we look at one of the simplest and most effective components of the Zend Framework that allows us to create extendable and extensible Zend Framework applications – Zend Application Resource Plugins (combined with the Strategy Pattern). If you want to ensure your apps can grow without heartache, read on.

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How to Use the Zend Form ViewScript Decorator In All Modules

How to Make Zend Form Available in All Modules in Just One Step

If you’ve been using Zend Forms for any length of time, you’ll know just how flexible and configurable they are. There’s not much that you can’t do with them, But it’s not always easy and there are catches. Today we look at ensuring that module-based Zend Forms using the ViewScript decorator can always be initialised no matter what.

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Zend Form Mastery with Zend Config – Part 1 Custom Filter Paths

Zend Form Mastery with Zend Config

When you’re working with Zend Form you keep your configuration as much out of code as you can – right? Well, if you’ve been working withZend Form for more than a little while, you know that Zend Config really makes that pretty simple – well, some of the time. In this series we look, comprehensively at how to do it all with Zend_Config.

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