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Zend Framework 2 FoundationsZend Framework 2 Foundations

Want to get started the right way with Zend Framework 2? This book gives you the best start by focusing on the key information you need to know. From views, controllers, actions, modules, and configuration, to the key patterns which underpin Zend Framework 2. This book gets you off to the right start, with a tight focus on what you need to know, packed with best-practices and hands-on tips.

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Zend Framework 2 FoundationsZend Framework 2: The Basics

This course explores PHP’s flagship framework in a way that suits all PHP developers. Maybe you’re an old hand with the likes of Laravel, FuelPHP, Symfony 2 or Kohana. Or maybe you’re currently building web apps without a PHP or MVC framework. In this course, I explore the essential features of Zend Framework 2. By the time you’re done, you’ll be putting them to work in your professional and pet projects.

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Zend Framework Quick BitesZend Framework Quick Bites

Quick bites of Zend Framework. Find out what's going on, what's new, and how to use it, in less time than it takes to drink a coffee.

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