April is Firefox 4 Month!

Let’s Celebrate!


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With the early success of Firefox 4 going great guns, we’ve decided to name April: “Firefox Month“. To celebrate, we’re going to be giving in-depth coverage of each of the key features that Firefox 4 brings to the Browser market. Specifically, we’re going to be giving a post to each of the following features during the month of April:

  • The Awesome Bar
  • The Improved Interface
  • Firefox Sync
  • Improved Browser  and Javascript Speed
  • Crash Protection
  • 3D on the Web
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Instant Website Id
  • Content Security Policy
  • Private Browsing
  • Do Not Track
  • IndexedDb
  • WebM and HD Video
  • Audio API
  • HTML 5 Support
  • CSS3
  • Offline Browsing
  • Tabs

So join us and let’s learn, together, about the great new features! But hey, no need to wait till April to get started, grab yourself a copy of the new Firefox 4 now!

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