The Birth of PHP Cloud Development Podcasts (dot com)

PHP Cloud Development Casts

You’ve watched RailsCasts, you’ve watched ZendCasts – but what about screencasts for PHP Cloud Development techniques? Well we decided to commit to the project and make it happen and have begun development on a new site that both pays homage to RailsCasts and ZendCasts and is devoted to bringing you, once a month (potentially once a fortnight) a screencast about a technique of cloud development through the lens of PHP.

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Malt Blue a New Direction for 2012

A new beginning at Malt Blue

Well, it’s been a good year with a steady increase in site numbers all round, but it’s become apparent over the last few months that the site needs to start to differentiate itself from the crowd and begin to provide a clearer reason for being amongst all of the other PHP-related sites out there on the net.

So what better time to do this, than the start of a new year – 2012.

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