The Blogging Comeback :: Learning from over-committing


Blogging Comeback

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and i genuinely want to apologise for not keeping up the commitment that I’d previously adhered to and for not delivering the content that I promised; especially with respect to starting the video series. I started taking on too many commitments, all at one time, and it was a learning experience in what to and what not to do. So now it’s all recovering the rhythmn and taking it a step at a time.

So what’s the return mean?

The blog is going to be covering the following areas:

  • Videocasts of some great software, starting with Cornerstone 2 and Github for Mac
  • A regular monthly podcast
  • Redesign of the site in to a more modern, newsletter-format
  • Talking about strategies on working as a software freelancer and how to work with other freelancers
  • Great technologies, such as Zend Server (CE), ZeroMQ, PostgreSQL, Symfony and more MongoDB and Zend Framework
  • Plus, getting in to the videocast series on building a good piece of software with the Zend Framework.
I hope that you enjoy the changes and upcoming content. I’ve been madly working through a very exciting project and have learned, and continue to learn, so much from it – so there are so many ideas, concepts, topics and points to share and discuss.
Here’s a smattering of the different points:
  • Design patterns
  • How labour intensive Zend Framework is to start from scratch (but quicker when you drop in modules)
  • Rapidly learning the differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • How database design decisions affect your code and vice-versa (when you’re using Zend_Db)
  • Use of views and updateable views to aid development efforts
  • The features that PostgreSQL has that MySQL doesn’t that make it a more ideal choice for rapid application development
  • Intermixing a NoSQL database and a more traditional RDBMS
I hope you’ll keep coming by to find out and join in the discussion and share your thoughts and your experience.